Save the Children

Save the Children

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‚Save the Children‘ is an initiative of individual Christians in Vienna/Austria from different Churches and Christian organisations. We are deeply concerned about the violations of Human Rights and Children’s Rights in Norway. Since we’re familiar with several cases where Children were removed from their families for no good reasons, we now want to address these issues publicly.

Therefore, we’re hosting a Symposium in Vienna on Friday 23 Sept of 2016 with different speakers to expose the situation. We’re inviting both Norwegian Experts as well as affected parents to come to Vienna to join the Event.

It’s our goal to offer a public platform and support through media for those parents who lost their children for unjustified reasons. We also want to address the Norwegian Government to look into these cases and start a reform of the Norwegian Child Welfare System.

The Symposium will be an afternoon and evening event in English with German translation. We also want to broadcast the event live via Internet so that many people around the world can watch the Video stream on their Computers, Tablets or Smartphones. In addition to that ERF Medien Österreich will broadcast live at Radio „ERF Plus“. The Video recording of this event will also be made available on YouTube afterwards.

The Symposium is hosted by: „Initiative ‚Save the Childen‘ – Gegen Kinderrechtsverletzungen in Europa“. We wish to thank ERF Medien Österreich for the kind technical support.


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